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Color Profiling Without Limitations. 

i1Pro 3 Plus for Imaging
Digital printing is becoming more mainstream. With the ability to measure larger print materials and polarize, the i1Pro 3 Plus can reduce color variability on many signage substrates, including vinyl, fabrics, transparent films, corrugated, and back-lit for the highest level of color accuracy and repeatability. The optional polarization feature reduces reflections in shadows and highlights, yielding more pleasing color reproduction.
i1Pro 3 Plus for Print
Whether printing flexo, Gravure, or digital, grand- and wide-format, printers must profile and linearize with each substrate to achieve the highest level of color accuracy. Using new targets and standards, the i1Pro 3 Plus reduces color measurement variability to achieve correct calibration and create ICC profiles. It also integrates with the i1iO table for fast, repeatable, and automated production color on a variety of unique print and packaging substrates, including thin films, labels, cardboard, fabric, and plastics. 
i1Pro 3 Plus for Textiles
When digitally printing textiles, it is crucial to linearize and profile each substrate to achieve the highest level of color accuracy. The i1Pro 3 Plus was designed to calibrate and profile a variety of textile substrates, including organic, synthetic, weaves, and sublimation sheets. With innovative design, the i1Pro3 eliminates chromatic highlights for better profiles that translate to fast production with less wasted time and materials.

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