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The proofing solution for professionals

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The complete proofing solution for the toughest quality demands

GMG ColorProof is an internationally established software solution for producing digital contract proofs. The printing result is simulated with maximum accuracy based on GMG's unique DeviceLink technology. Unlike with ICC profiles, DeviceLink profiles ensure that the CMY and Black channels are under complete control.

Complete solution for toughest quality demands
GMG ColorProof contains all components for high-end proofing applications, including profiles for all international printing standards. After a brief printer calibration, the software and its intuitive user interface are ready to start working with. The latest Adobe PDF Print Engine ensures that data is interpreted in the same way as with any otherAdobe-based RIP or platesetter. Maximum compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite is ensure.

GMG ProofControl Inline (Optional)
GMG ProofControl Inline is a module for GMG Color- Proof featuring a fully automatic verification of contone and halftone proofs on printers with integrated measuring instruments. Control strips are automatically measured and evaluated. Depending on the printer model, the results are printed directly via the proof printer, next to the control strips, or via a separate label printer. GMG ProofControl Inline also validates spot color control strips, identifying colors which cannot be reproduced by the proof printer.

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