Angelbird SSD2GO PKT MK2 512GB SSD (Graphite)

(SKU: KF817N2)

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Detailed description

Our lives are busier than ever. And whether we're working, creating, or just having fun, it seems like we're always on the move. The technology we carry with us — those indispensable devices that go where we go — must be rugged, reliable, and easy to take along. And a touch of style never hurts.
Our portable SSD2GO PKT MK2 fights impact, dust, splash water, high temperature, electrical shocks, x-rays and magnetic fields with ease.

Technical specification
Dimensions (L x W x H):
70,0 × 45,5 × 9,5 mm (2.76 × 1.79 x 0.37 in)
Read speed
up to 560 MB/s
Write speed
up to 530 MB/s
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