MacBook Pro 16"

Designed for those who defy limits and change the world, the new MacBook Pro is by far the most powerful notebook we’ve ever made.

MacBook Pro 16 image.
MacBook Pro image.

MacBook Pro 13" M1

The Apple M1 chip gives the 13‑inch MacBook Pro speed and power beyond belief. With up to 2.8x CPU performance. Up to 5x the graphics speed. Our most advanced Neural Engine for up to 11x faster machine learning. And up to 20 hours of battery life — the longest of any Mac ever. It’s our most popular pro notebook, taken to a whole new level.


MacBook Pro 13"

10th-generation processors with up to 80 percent faster graphics performance. Get up to 32GB of memory for running multiple pro apps. Stunning Retina display with True Tone technology. Magic Keyboard, Touch Bar, and Touch ID for a new level of productivity.

MacBook Pro image.

MacBook Air

Power. It’s in the Air. Our thinnest, lightest notebook, completely transformed by the Apple M1 chip. CPU speeds up to 3.5x faster. GPU speeds up to 5x faster.

MacBook Air image.


If you can dream it, you can do it on iMac. It’s beautifully designed, incredibly intuitive, and packed with powerful tools that let you take any idea to the next level. And the new 27-inch model elevates the experience in every way, with faster processors and graphics, expanded memory and storage, enhanced audio and video capabilities, and an even more stunning Retina 5K display. It’s the desktop that does it all — better and faster than ever.

iMac image.

iMac Pro

Pros love iMac. So Apple created one just for you. It’s packed with the most powerful graphics and processors ever in a Mac.

iMac Pro image.

Mac mini M1

New guts. More glory.

Mac mini image.
Mac mini image.

Mac mini

Part racehorse. All workhorse.


Mac Pro

Mac Pro is a stunning realization of an ideal. All the elements that define a pro computer — graphics, storage, expansion, processing power, and memory.

Mac Pro image.


Choose the most suitable Mac.

Table iPhone image.
Model MacBook Pro MacBook Air iMac iMac 27" iMac Pro Mac mini Mac Pro
Display 13/15" 13" 21.5" 27" 27" - -
Camera 720p 720p 720p 720p 1080p - -
Processor 4-core 2.4GHz i5
6-core 2.6GHz i7
8-core 2.3GHz i9
2-core 1.6GHz i5 2-core 2.3GHz i5
4-core 3.6GHz i3
6-core 3.0GHz i5
6-core 3.0GHz i5
6-core 3.1GHz i5
6-core 3.7GHz i5
2.3-3.2 GHz Xeon W
4-core 3.6GHz i5
6-core 3.0GHz
3.5GHz 6-core
3.0GHz 8-core
Memory 8/16GB 8GB 8GB 8GB 32GB 8GB 16GB
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